Practice Areas

I provide legal services both to individual and commercial clients and I'm specialized to create solutions and provide guidance within a court dispute or a negotiation process. I provide legal services in the following areas:

Corporate and commercial law
  • Incorporation, conversion, merger, purchase, sell and wind up companies.
  • Assistance in ongoing and day-to-day corporate matters, namely drafting contracts, shareholders general meeting minutes, powers of attorney, all kind of registries, authentication, certification and translations of documents.
  • IBankruptcy, credit recovery and execution of judicial decisions.
  • Agency and distribution agreements, leasing and financial agreements, insurance and transportation agreements and rendering services agreements in general.
  • Drafting, negotiation and termination of employment contracts.
  • Disciplinary procedures.
  • Dismissal procedures.
  • Social security issues.
Real State
  • Purchase, sell and exchange real estate properties.
  • Execution, negotiation and resolution of lease agreements.
  • Condominiums issues.
Family and Sucessions
  • Divorces, acknowledgment and dissolution of civil unions and companionships.
  • Regulation of parental responsibilities and alimony.
  • Successions procedure, division and inventory of assets.
Criminal Law
  • Assistance in the protection of victims of criminal actions.
  • Assistance in the protection of citizens accused of criminal actions.

In case the client needs legal services in other practice areas, a team of partners is able to ensure a multidisciplinary and integrated service.